Rose Quartz Tumbled Bead Stretchy Bracelet (8 inches)

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After it is ordered, I cleanse & clear it with sage smoke, then I infuse it with Reiki energies that are meant just for you or the one it is gifted to. After, I add the information card and a leaf or two of white sage to the package to keep any lower energies from attaching on it's journey to you. Due to marketplace policy, I am no longer able to provide metaphysical properties for spiritual tools. Please consider purchasing a book on crystals, as this may be the way of things to come for online info in general. I recommend Judy Hall's Crystal Bible series and Melodie's Love is in the Earth. Bead size approx 11mm Coupons! Be sure to enter the code before checkout, otherwise it cannot be applied. 10PERCENTOFF25 ~ 10% off purchases $25 ~ $49.99 15PERCENTOFF50 ~ 15% off purchases $50 ~ $74.99 20PERCENTOFF75 ~ 20% off purchases $75 ~ $99.99 25PERCENTOFF100 ~ 25% off purchases $100 and up