Snakeskin Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant 1x.8 inches (WWP110)

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This beautiful handmade wire wrapped pendant is created with a polished Snakeskin agate crystal and wrapped with bronze colored copper wire. I created this while channeling through high vibrational energies during a meditative state. After it is ordered, I pass it through sage smoke a few times for a final cleanse, then finish the Reiki infusion. It is then packaged in a jewelry box with an information card and a leaf or two of white sage to keep any lower energies from attaching on it's journey to you. It does include a black cord so you can wear it when you receive it ;)

This is the pendant you will receive! 

Snakeskin agate connects the base and sacral chakras, grounding the spirit into the body and earth. This is an excellent stone for astral travel, soul retrieval, and for helping you to blend in and not be seen. Snakeskin is a happy stone, assisting with lifting depression and helping to see the bright side of life. It reminds us that tomorrow is another day and we can shed this day like a snake’s skin. Bringing in the energy of the serpent, snakeskin agate activates the Kundalini, and helps you to see through and how to deal with devious people. It is said to assist with shapeshifting as well.