Smoky Quartz and Garnet Wire Wrapped Pendant 1.6x1 inches (WW23)

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This beautiful handmade wire wrapped pendant is created with a polished Smoky Quartz crystal and Garnet beads and wrapped with silver plated copper wire. I created this while channeling through high vibrational energies during a meditative state. After it is ordered, I pass it through sage smoke a few times for a final cleanse, then finish the Reiki infusion. It is then packaged in a jewelry box with an information card and a leaf or two of white sage to keep any lower energies from attaching on it's journey to you. It does include a black cord so you can wear it when you receive it ;)

This is the pendant you will receive!

Garnet grounds Divine creative energies into the body, allowing you to work from your heart. It opens and expands awareness to the “all that is”. Garnet is a great stone for times of crisis! It assists in fortifying, activating and strengthening the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope into seemingly hopeless situations. Garnet is a stone for business, drawing in new business and attracting money. Use in your prosperity corner or carry one in your wallet or place in the cash drawer of the business. A powerfully energizing and purifying stone, garnet assists the body in regeneration, promoting good health and vitality. Can be of assistance in enhancing one's sex drive.

Smoky quartz is a stone of transformation, helping you to let go of what no longer serves you, relieving fear and depression, bringing in emotional calmness and mental clarity. Working with the crown, root, and earth chakras, smoky quartz raises your vibration while grounding higher spiritual energies into the planet. This assists with neutralizing negative vibrations and blocking geopathic stress. This is a great stone to carry if you deal with depression, anxiety, root chakra issues, nightmares, or just need a little energetic support through difficult times ̜

Did you know? Smoky quartz is an awesome stone for the mind! It promotes positive thoughts, improves concentration and communication, and helps to bring in more clarity. Smoky quartz is also a great stone for depression as it eases repetitive thoughts & fears, bringing in a sense of peace̖.