Septarian (Dragonstone) medium rough stone 1.5 inches

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Septarian nodules (beetle stone, turtle stone) is a fantastic stone for public speaking, as it gives a personal vibe, as though you are speaking to each individual present, helping each one to connect and gain more interest and enthusiasm. Septarian nodules help to keep your private life private. It is a calming stone that harmonizes the emotions and mind to the higher self, helping to illuminate your journey. Septarian is an excellent stone for self-care and caring for others. It assists healers in tuning into the issues at hand, helping them to direct the energies. Septarian is a great manifestation stone! It assists with creativity, with both creative flow and ending procrastination on projects. Septarian is perfect for writers dealing with writer’s block!

Septarian is a powerful stone for easing depression and bringing joy into your life!