Ruby Jack Sphalerite on Druzy Quartz matrix 4.2x3.3x2.3 inches (Sphal02)

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This is the beautiful Sphalerite cluster you will receive!

Sphalerite assists with strengthening your psychic abilities. It enhances mental clarity, aligning the physical and astral bodies, allowing for a clear connection and easy access to information. Sphalerite is highly protective and allows you to see treachery and deceit easily. It is a helpful stone to use when focusing on your vocation, be it changing jobs, getting better at what you are doing, or finding your path. Sphalerite balances the masculine/feminine energies. This is a great stone to use for grounding after working with high vibrational stones. It works with the third eye, solar, sacral, and base chakras.

Quartz is a powerful energy amplifier and healing crystal! It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy, making it a powerful crystal for removing energy blocks. Quartz meets you where you're at energetically, and assists in raising your vibe to your highest potential. It works on all levels of being, physical, energetic, and spiritual. Quartz clears and balances the chakras, balancing the body and stimulating the immune system. It enhances meditation, psychic abilities, and tunes you to your spiritual purpose. Quartz also helps to filter out distractions, assisting with mental focus.