Ruby in Fuchsite Wire Wrapped Pendant 1.9x.5 inches (WW26)

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This beautiful handmade wire wrapped pendant is created with a polished Ruby in Fuchsite crystal and wrapped with silver plated copper wire. I created this while channeling through high vibrational energies during a meditative state. After it is ordered, I pass it through sage smoke a few times for a final cleanse, then finish the Reiki infusion. It is then packaged in a jewelry box with an information card and a leaf or two of white sage to keep any lower energies from attaching on it's journey to you. It does include a black cord so you can wear it when you receive it ;)

This is the pendant you will receive! 

Fuchsite helps to overcome codependency and emotional blackmail by helping you to realize your own power. It will assist you by giving you clarity in knowing if what you are doing for another is helping their growth or if you are aiding their "do it for me, I'm too lazy"-ness. Ruby encourages a passion for life in a positive way. It transmutes feelings of anger and negativity into positivity. Highly protective, ruby protects against psychic attack and energy vampires and gives you strength during disputes and other drama. Physically it helps to balance between hyperness and lethargy, supplying the up or down energy needed. Ruby is also a prosperity stone!