Ruby in Blue Kyanite large tumbled stone 1 inch

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Ruby is known as the “stone of nobility”. It has a powerful energy that may be too much for some people. Ruby encourages a passion for life in a positive way, improving motivation, providing energy, and setting goals. It is a powerful protection stone, especially from psychic attacks and energy vampires. Ruby activates and balances the heart chakra, allowing you to bring up and release that which no longer serves you. It also works to stimulate the pineal gland! Ruby is a stone of passion and abundance, attracting love and wealth. This is an excellent stone for igniting your passion!

Blue Kyanite is a high vibrational stone that aligns all chakras & meridians, balancing and repairing gaps in the body's energy system. It assists in meditation, opening the third eye, and amplifying psychic abilities. Blue Kyanite helps with telepathy and lucid dreaming. It grounds higher spiritual energies, making it easier to walk the talk, spiritually speaking, bringing spiritual maturity. It opens the throat chakra so you can have more truthful communication. Blue Kyanite calms the mind, eases fear and anxiety, clears confusion, and helps you to see the truth in everything. It repels negativity, so it doesn’t require cleaning. Blue Kyanite is highly protective, creating a protective shield around you.  It can assist in the treatment of the muscular structure, adrenal glands, throat, and brain.