Rainbow Fluorite (Yoni) Egg medium/large 34x44mm polished crystal egg with stand (EG01)

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Fluorite is a powerful crystal that works on many levels! It is highly protective and can help you discern when outside influences are affecting you and helps block it. Plus, it is very effective at blocking electromagnetic radiation from electronics. Fluorite is the organizer crystal, mentally and physically. It helps to dissolve fixed behavioral patterns, helping to dissolve illusions and see things clearly. Fluorite overcomes chaos and reorganizes the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It assists in processing information, concentration, and quick thinking. This is a great stone for stabilizing the emotions, increasing self-confidence, and learning balance. Fluorite helps ground and integrate spiritual energies, heightening intuition and awareness.

This is the egg you will receive! 

****Please note****

Eggs are measured width x length. These are the general size guidelines:

X-Large  40mm x 60mm.

Large  38mm x 50mm.

Medium  30mm x 40mm.

Small  22mm x 30mm.