Orange Calcite with Sphalerite Xlarge rough stone 2 inches

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Orange calcite assists in balancing the emotions, releasing fears, and helps overcome depression. It is a highly energizing stone that clears and balances the lower three chakras and provides vitality to the body. Orange calcite works with the sacral chakra and has been used in the treatment of fertility and digestive issues.

Sphalerite assists with strengthening your psychic abilities. It enhances mental clarity, aligning the physical and astral bodies, allowing for a clear connection and easy access to information. Sphalerite is highly protective and allows you to see treachery and deceit easily. It is a helpful stone to use when focusing on your vocation, be it changing jobs, getting better at what you are doing, or finding your path. Sphalerite balances the masculine/feminine energies. This is a great stone to use for grounding after working with high vibrational stones. It works with the third eye, solar, sacral, and base chakras.