Labradorite and White Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant 2.1x1 inches (WW50)

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This beautiful handmade wire wrapped pendant is created with polished Labradorite and White Calcite crystal beads and wrapped with silver plated copper wire. I created this while channeling through high vibrational energies during a meditative state. After it is ordered, I pass it through sage smoke a few times for a final cleanse, then finish the Reiki infusion. It is then packaged in a jewelry box with an information card and a leaf or two of white sage to keep any lower energies from attaching on it's journey to you. It does include a black cord so you can wear it when you receive it ;)

This is the pendant you will receive! 

Labradorite is a stone of esoteric knowledge, facilitating initiation to the Mysteries. It aligns the physical and etheric bodies transforming intuition into intellectual thought. Labradorite grounds spiritual energies into the body, raising consciousness, activating psychic abilities, synchronicities, and helps to realize and achieve the destiny of this life, while lessening insecurity and fear. Labradorite calms an overactive mind, bringing contemplation and introspection. It assists with clearing out and healing old emotional wounds. Labradorite is highly protective, it deflects negative energies and prevents energy leakage. This is a good stone to use for meditation and past-life recall.

White calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and healer that assists with cleansing the environment. It clears all chakra centers and activates the crown chakra. White calcite opens psychic abilities, higher awareness, and may assist with astral projection. It also assists in connecting the emotions and intellect, creating emotional intelligence. White calcite is a motivator! It combats laziness and instills hope. This is a great crystal for alleviating emotional stress and calming the mind! It teaches discernment and analysis giving insights to situations and helps to change ideas into action.