Indigo Gabbro (Mystic Merlinite) medium rough stone 1.5 inches

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Indigo Gabbro aka Mystic Merlinite is known as a stone of self-mastery. It assists you in becoming more aware of the energies around you and your interaction with it. It helps you to delve deep to discover your deepest motivations, both subconscious and conscious, in order to integrate all aspects of self.  Indigo Gabbro assists you in seeing the lessons in your life experiences. Indigo Gabbro opens the third eye and crown chakras, creating a powerful Divine connection, allowing you to see through the veil and explore other dimensions while living on this one. It is a very peaceful stone that eases anxiety and stress. It grounds the body and gently stabilizes the energy bodies. This is an excellent protection stone psychically and physically. Indigo gabbro blocks electromagnetic radiation. It aids in communication with those who have crossed over, helps with meditation, shamanic journeying, past life recall, and path recall. This is a fantastic stone for connecting to your mystical side and attracting teachers, both physical and multidimensional.