Himalayan Quartz Point 2x.8x.8 inches (HQTZ01)

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Himalayan Quartz Crystals contain a very high frequency that resonates with the sound/frequency of the Universal “Om.” These crystals have been dug up by hand in the Himalayas and carried down in backpacks and on the back of yaks. They have been programmed by the Atlantean Masters ages ago and contain much information from ancient cultures, activating ancient knowledge within you. These are excellent crystals for those on an ascension path as they teach, activate, initiate, and empower. These are not tools per se, they are crystals to meditate with and learn/remember. Wonderful transformation crystals! They reject programming and help you dissolve the programming you have received that no longer serves you. Himalayan quartz assists in releasing self-limitations, disease, and emotional/mental strife. They assist in realizing the interconnectedness of all beings. These have also been used to work through past life karma, especially from Atlantis. 

Many say that these have the same qualities as regular clear quartz. I disagree, these are a much, much higher vibration and are not keen on attempted programming as they are here to teach. Of course, this is my opinion ;-)