Crown Chakra Crystals Set (Limited Edition)

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A powerful mix of Reiki charged crystals to assist with opening, activating, balancing. and enhancing Crown Chakra energies! These are small stones, about .5-1 inch, and 1-1.5 inches for the sticks, perfect for carrying in your pocket, or tucked elsewhere ;)

These will come well cleansed and charged, with an organza bag, information cards for each crystal, and a few sage leaves to keep their vibe on their travels to you.


Black Amethyst



White calcite

Angelite aka blue anhydrite assists in opening psychic abilities, and facilitating contact with angels and spirit guides. It works with the throat chakra, assisting in speaking the truth, even when it is difficult. Angelite is a very calming stone that promotes compassion, peace, understanding, and brotherhood. Angelite helps relieve tension, anger, and stress, helping one to cope with difficult situations.

Black amethyst is amethyst with less than 7 inclusions. It assists in transmuting lower vibrational energies and thoughts, helping to ease anxiety, increase mental clarity, and bringing in a sense of peace. Black Amethyst is a fantastic ascension stone, as it helps you to see things from a higher perspective and make clearer decisions. Opening and balancing the third eye and crown chakras, black amethyst facilitates changes towards a more Divine state of be-ing.

Celestite (Celestine) provides connection to the Angelic realms, opening the throat, third eye and crown chakras to the free-flow of higher frequencies. Great for meditation, spiritual journeying, and dream recall. Celestite heals the aura, sealing any rips or tears, bringing balance and alignment. Assists in relieving stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviors. Helps to bring mental calm and clarity in the midst of chaos.

Selenite assists with mental clarity, and expanding awareness of self and surroundings. It opens and activates the crown and higher crown/ascension chakras, allowing access to higher dimensional energies and guidance. During meditation, selenite can be used to access past and future lives (keep in mind that future lives are only showing the probable outcome if the current path is followed. If you make a different choice or follow another path, it will change). Selenite helps to anchor the light body to the earth's vibration. It is a very calming stone that instills peace and calms the mind. Selenite helps you to see things from all sides, revealing the deeper meaning and seeing through facades, enabling you to make clearer decisions. This is a fabulous healing crystal!!! Selenite helps to shift the energies quickly, breaking up the stuck and stagnant energies and letting Divine energies flow. It cleanses, charges, amplifies and raises the vibration of any crystals placed with it, plus it is a self cleaning crystal!

White calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and healer that assists with cleansing the environment. It clears all chakra centers and activates the crown chakra. White calcite opens psychic abilities, higher awareness, and may assist with astral projection. It also assists in connecting the emotions and intellect, creating emotional intelligence. White calcite is a motivator! It combats laziness and instills hope. This is a great crystal for alleviating emotional stress and calming the mind! It teaches discernment and analysis giving insights to situations and helps to change ideas into action.