Chrysocolla in matrix Large rough crystal 1.75 inches

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Chrysocolla calms and revitalizes the chakras and aids with communication and meditation. Working with the solar plexus, it draws out negative emotions (guilt, anger, etc.) and reverses destructive emotional programming, bringing in peace and joy. Working with the heart chakra, it eases emotional heartache, giving renewed balance and strength, increasing the ability to love again. Working with the throat chakra, it improves communication while helping you to discern when to keep silent. Working with the third eye, it assists with meditation and psychic visions. Chrysocolla is a great stone for easing mental tensions and helping you to calm down. Placed in your home, it assists in stabilizing energies in the home and bodies within, easing personal interactions. (Great for rocky living situations!!!) Chrysocolla is a wonderful stone for spiritual growth! It encourages self-awareness and inner-balance, and enhances personal power and creativity. Chrysocolla promotes honesty and impartiality.