Black Tourmaline with Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant 1.5x.8 inches (WW51)

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This beautiful handmade wire wrapped pendant is created with a rough Black Tourmaline with Quartz crystal and wrapped with silver plated copper wire. I created this while channeling through high vibrational energies during a meditative state. After it is ordered, I pass it through sage smoke a few times for a final cleanse, then finish the Reiki infusion. It is then packaged in a jewelry box with an information card and a leaf or two of white sage to keep any lower energies from attaching on it's journey to you. It does include a black cord so you can wear it when you receive it ;)

This is the pendant you will receive!

Black tourmaline is a powerful protection stone! It blocks psychic attacks, hexes, ill wishes, electromagnetic smog, cell phone radiation, and negative energies of all kinds. Black tourmaline works with the root chakra, grounding energy and increasing vitality. This is a great stone for assistance with changing your thoughts, as it helps you to think clearly with a more positive attitude. This is also a great stone for relieving stress and anxiety!

Quartz is a powerful energy amplifier and healing crystal! It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy, making it a powerful crystal for removing energy blocks. Quartz meets you where you're at energetically, and assists in raising your vibe to your highest potential. It works on all levels of being, physical, energetic, and spiritual. Quartz clears and balances the chakras, balancing the body and stimulating the immune system. It enhances meditation, psychic abilities, and tunes you to your spiritual purpose. Quartz also helps to filter out distractions, assisting with mental focus.