Base/Root Chakra Crystals Set

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A powerful mix of Reiki charged crystals to assist with opening, activating, balancing. and enhancing Base/Root Chakra energies! These are small stones, about .5-1 inch, perfect for carrying in your pocket, or tucked elsewhere ;)

These will come well cleansed and charged, with an organza bag, information cards for each crystal, and a few sage leaves to keep their vibe on their travels to you.

Brecciated Jasper


Red Calcite

Red Tiger Eye

Shiva Lingam Stone

Brecciated Jasper assists in grounding and stabilizing the emotions. It eases stress and anger providing mental clarity. Brecciated Jasper is a great stone for protection as well.

Carnelian works with the root and sacral chakras, providing grounding, protection, vitality, and healing! It assists in restoring motivation, stimulating creativity, and improving mental focus. Carnelian helps you to ground in the present moment, helping you to see things from clear perception. It assists in accepting what is and moving forward from there. This is a powerful stone to work with for learning self-trust and self-worth, as it helps you to overcome negative conditioning and abuse of any kind. Carnelian is highly protective against envy, rage, resentment and emotional negativity, yours or another's. (Yep, that's right, it protects you from yourself!)

Red Calcite is a powerhouse, uplifting energy, blasting out stagnant energies, increasing vitality and willpower. It cleanses, balances, and heals the base chakra and opens the heart chakra. Red Calcite alleviates fear and anxiety, and brings an understanding of the cause. Red calcite is a fantastic stone to work with when feeling “stuck”. It has been used to aid sexual dysfunction and fertility issues in men.

Red Tiger Eye assists with balancing the physical with the spiritual and masculine/feminine (yin/yang) energies. It cleanses and activates the base, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, helping to overcome lethargy, increasing energy, vitality, motivation, self-esteem, and confidence. Red Tiger Eye assists in overcoming sexual issues and increase sex drive. This is a stone that will teach you the correct use of personal power.

Shiva Lingham helps you to release that which is no longer serving you.It is a powerful stone for releasing sexual abuse and traumas. Shiva Lingham can help you to release emotional and etheric ties to past sexual partners. It is an excellent stone for fertility and menstruation issues, especially PMS symptoms. While these are tumbled, as opposed to carved into the traditional phallic shape, the energy is quite powerful!