Astrophyllite large tumbled crystal 1.25 inches

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Astrophyllite is a powerful stone of transformation! It connects the eighth chakra (Soul Star chakra) with the earth star chakra, activating, stimulating and aligning the entire chakra system, allowing Divine white light to flow thru freely. This makes it easier to align with the higher self and discover your life's purpose. It assists through 'dark nights of the soul' and in facing the past and fears, helping to move on. Astrophyllite helps to see what is no longer needed and assists in letting go of it. It provides psychic protection, especially during astral travel, and helps to create a purer connection for information to channel through. This is a great crystal to use if you wish to break addictive behaviors, be it smoking, alcohol or drugs, or self-degradation, abuse, etc. Ladies, astrophyllite has been used for easing PMS symptoms!!!