Apophyllite with light Peach Stilbite in matrix 3.8x3.1x1.5 inches (Zeo07)

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This is the Apophyllite and Peach Stilbite cluster you will receive!

Apophyllite helps to see the truth in all situations and recognize the patterns in one's behavior and balance it. Apophyllite anchors Divine light energies facilitating attunements to one's body. It assists with astral travel, providing an anchor to the body. This is an excellent stone for anchoring higher energies.

Stilbite (stillbite) opens, clears and balances the heart and higher chakras, activating psychic abilities and assisting with creativity, astral travel, and remembering dreams and deep meditations. It anchors in Divine Love, raising one's vibration, and assisting in releasing anything that is no longer necessary. Stilbite aids in clearing the mind and finding clarity in unclear situations.