Prehinite connects the heart with the will by it's vibration within the solar plexus, it assists you to live life from a heart based perspective. It helps to support personal discipline and encourages the heart to surrender to Divine will. Through this connection, it helps to restore your trust in the universe. It can also help to bring you into harmony with nature and the elemental forces. Known as a stone of prophecy, it enhances precognition, visualization and inner knowledge. It is also said to induce deep meditation, to facilitate dream recall and to alleviate nightmares, deep fears and phobias. Highly protective as well, it seals the auric field, stopping energy vampires and psychic attacks. Also aids one in decluttering one's life of unwanted possessions and helping one to reorganize what one keeps. 

It is also used to calm the environment and to bring peace and protection. It's calming energy is said to be beneficial for hyperactive children.