Golden (Honey) Calcite

Golden (Golden Ray, Honey, Yellow) calcite is a powerful stone that brings in the energy of the Golden Ray (Christ Consciousness)!  It activates the crown chakra and aligns all chakras with the ethereal plane. Golden calcite assists with identifying and shifting self-limiting beliefs, enabling growth. It stimulates the re-awakening and recognition of those you have worked closely with in past lives,and assists with connecting with our brothers and sisters of this and other dimensions. This crystal is a people attractor, for friendship and business!

Golden calcite stimulates the mind, assists with processing divinations, anchors in Divine Light energy, removes blockages and stimulates the chakras, and cleanses negative energy from the environment. Working with the crown and solar plexus chakras, it helps to restore motivation and accelerate growth and development. Golden calcite assists in raising consciousness, achieving higher spiritual states, and awakening psychic abilities. It is a protective stone, absorbing negative energy and transmuting it.

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