Understanding How Crystals Can Assist You

Posted by Kelly Murphy on

If you have been looking for new ways to shift your life, crystals may be the perfect tool to assist you! Crystals radiate energy, each type of stone carries its own vibe, which may vary slightly by where it is harvested from. When held, worn, carried, or placed around your body, their energies interact with yours, opening you up to receiving the benefits of their energy. This helps you to shift your energy to attract or work on becoming the traits the crystals embody. Now this doesn't mean that you can just go buy a prosperity crystal, then go get a lottery ticket and hit the jackpot. It COULD happen if you were totally aligned with it, energy, thoughts and vibe wise, but then again, you wouldn't have needed it to win, if that were the case.

Ok, so what's the point?! Well, we all want to bring love, peace, healing, cash flow, etc. into our lives, but obviously our vibes aren't matching if it's not flowing. You need to shift your vibe, which includes your thoughts (ugh, I know, lol). When you carry or hold a stone, you are mingling that stone's energy with yours, changing the energy flow around you. This creates a more harmonious energy that can help you to change your thoughts and attract what you want. Or they can help you to work through deep seeded issues. It depends on the crystal and what it is you are wanting to work on. 

Crystals do help change the energy of a room! Placing certain crystals in a space can assist with healing, creating a peaceful environment, enhancing sleep, enhancing focus, and much more!

Working with crystals is a great way to help you through your life's journey.